3cc (3ml) 25G x 1" Intramuscular Luer-Lok Syringe & Needle Combo (50 pack)

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The needle is combined with a clear barrel syringe. It
features a bold scale for easier viewing. This is a 3 mL (cc) Luer Lock syringe
with a positive plunger rod stop and tapered plunger rod. It is latex free for
your safety and comfort. The needle combination is easy and comfortable to use.
It features a regular bevel and wall with a detachable needle. This needle is
great for muscular injections, extraction of liquids, and more! Sold in 50Pk

Syringes can either be Luer Lock or non Luer lock, however non Leur Lock are also referred to as Luer Slip. The difference is that the Luer Lock syringe allows a needle to be twisted onto the tip and then locked in place.
This provides a secure connection and prevents accidental removal of the needles of the injection of fluids. Syringe and Needle combos are interchangeable with all needles. Simply unscrew the needle from the Syringe and replace with any of westside's needles. These are detachable Needles.