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Pet Syringes/Needles


Here at, we are committed to your pets health and wellness. Slip tip or Leur Lock? A slip tip needle will simply pop on to the end of the syringe where as a leur lock actually screws on to the end. All our syringes will accept both kinds of needles. Syringes Needles Depot sells needles and syringes separately or together. All needles and syringes are sterile and individually wrapped. 

The gauge (G) specifies how big around the needle is. Keep in mind that the bigger the gauge #, the smaller the needle is. For instance, a 25 Gauge needle is thin and tiny (for small animals like kittens and small puppies), where as a 18 Gauge needle will be bigger around and thicker (for larger tougher skinned animals like cattle and hogs).

The length of the needle is also stated AND VERY important as you are going to want a longer needle for large animals, and a shorter needle for smaller animals.

Below are some guidelines for common use of specific needle types:
20 G to 21 G 1" for giving fluids to small animals.
22 G to 23 G and 1" inch Needle for giving vaccines to larger animals such as larger/medium dogs.
25 G 5/8" inch Needle for small animals for vaccines
20 G to 21 G 1.5" for horses and cattle vaccines and medication shots.
18 G to 20 G 1" for medications and vaccines for sheep and goats.
14 G to 16 G for tough skinned animals like pigs.